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Owner, designer and artist Chris Grimes believes every piece of art is a unique sculpture, because within its creation a new concept is brought into third-dimensional reality. For instance, an artist deciding on which surface to paint on and how thickly to paint is mimicking the considerations of low-relief sculpture. This artistic sense has allowed Chris to create many pieces of modern sculpture. He has made sculptures out of cast bronze, wood, steel, aluminum and concrete––just to name a few––for indoor and outdoor settings.

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Chris Grimes

Art House Gallery is a contemporary art gallery owned by designer and artist Chris Grimes. In addition to his Dallas art gallery, Chris also created and orchestrated the Framing Warehouse and Environmental Branding, Inc. Since childhood, Chris has followed his passion for the arts. His father insisted on a commercial art education which led Chris to Art Center College of Design. This gave him a broader education in the application of arts, which would later be reflected in his own commercial art gallery. After graduation, Chris found himself in New York City consulting with architects such as Robert A.M. Stern & Michael Graves, publishers such as Scribners and Rizzioli, and many designers and artists. In 1983, his friend Ray Nasher invited him to move to Dallas, Texas. Chris never cared to develop a singular style, so instead of pursuing representation, he opened his own contemporary art gallery. Unique among the Dallas art galleries, many of his clients and associates say Chris’s Dallas art gallery is akin to Andy Warhol’s “Factory” where everyone aspires to creativity.
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Steven Gale

Steven’s father Charles Gale was an industrial designer turned artist, so Steven had an early introduction to the arts. His first passion was music; you won’t find anyone with a more in-depth knowledge of the music of his generation and he even plays the drums. Along with music, film became a major fascination. Between these two passions Steven turned down the volume and stopped the camera to find the still image of photography. Not only does he have an understanding of the mechanics of the camera, his real passion is for pushing the boundaries of the photographic print. He has had numerous one-man shows of his striking photographs.